Anton Tkachuk Tel.:+43 (664) 923 38 43 E-Mail: C V Personal information Date of birth Birthplace Professional experience 03/2020 - nowadays 2021 Graz, AT 11/2021 Vienna, AT 11/2021 Vienna, AT 11/2021 Vienna, AT 10/2021 Graz, AT Freelance: sound artist, sound designer, composer, producer Sound engineer and technician at Atelier Algorythmics Recording engineer at a film production in Reaktor Audio engineer, recording engineer and technician at the «Gesang der Orgel» Installation (Wien Modern festival) Sound and light board operator at «Über's Fürchten» — music theater performance by Jeunesse Audio designer and Technician at «Klangpfade» (Klanglicht Festival) 12. October 1997 Zhytomyr, Ukraine Education 10/2020 - nowadays 09/2013 - 07/2017 09/2006 - 05/2013 Computer Music and Sound Art Bachelor program at the Institute for Electronic Music and Acoustics Zhytomyr Music College S. Richter Music School Further education 2017 Kyiv, UA 04-09/2020 UA Contemporary music conducting school with Ukho Ensemble «Python Development» course at Beetroot Academy - Junior Programming languages Sound analysis and music Visual Python, SuperCollider, PureData, SQL (basics) Ableton, Reaper, Audacity, Praat, Sonic Visualiser, Adobe Audition Illustrator, AdobePremier EDV-Kenntnisse Languages Russian Ukrainian English German Native Bilingual B2 B2