Upcycling environmental live-coding session. All objects are antropogen products representing the environment from the artistic sonic view. The title consists of the coordinates of the performing place and the radius where all of the sounding percussive objects were found.
4 channels sound installation inspired by Deleuze, who used the concept of a decentralized organism as an example of connections that society could build – a state without a head, where no single element could ruin the whole system. A professional botanic explained during an interview what exactly makes rhizomatic plants so special, but if you take these descriptions of the features out of the context, it doesn’t stay in the previous sense anymore. 4 speakers are hidden around the listener, so that listener doesn’t identify the source of the sound, except seeing that the visitors’ place is surrounded by lianas. Noises reminding moves of roots smoothly occupy the space around till it’s taken over. Meanwhile, elements of spoken facts create another controversial impression…
August 2020 Odessa, Ukraine
Interactive installation in collaboration with Ereh Saw
August 2020
Odessa, Ukraine
An algorithmic piece “Ohrwurm” by Budhenau for an automatic piano performed at Zollamt in Bad Radkersburg, Hochsommer Festival 2022